Quantcast Pack-Strap Carry - Evacuation in the Field

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Figure 2-8. Saddleback carry.
g. Straighten and clasp your hands together in front of you. Maintain your grip
to keep from dropping the casualty.
h. Adjust the casualty's weight to make the weight distribution more
comfortable, then walk forward.
The pack-strap carry can be used to move a conscious or unconscious
casualty for a moderate distance. Do not use the carry if the casualty has a fractured
arm or wrist. The steps for performing the pack-strap carry are given below.
a. Raise the casualty to a standing position using the procedures given in
paragraph 2-5.
b. Grasp one of the casualty's wrists and lift his arm above his head while
continuing to support the casualty's waist with your other arm.

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