Quantcast Pistol-Belt Drag - Evacuation in the Field

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The pistol-belt drag is used to move a conscious or unconscious casualty for a
conscious or unconscious casualty for a short distance when the bearer and the
casualty must very close to the ground. The steps for performing the pistol-belt drag
are given below.
a. Position the casualty on his back. Use the procedures given in
paragraph 2-4 to turn the casualty onto his back, if needed.
b. Form a sling by joining two or three fully extended pistol belts together to
form one large loop. If pistol belts are not available, use any material that will not
break, and will not cut or bind the casualty. For example, you can use a rifle-sling, two
litter straps joined together, or two muslin bandages tied together.
c. Slip the bottom of the loop across the casualty's chest, under his armpits,
and under his shoulders (figure 2-14 A).
d. Twist the remainder (top portion above the casualty's head) of the loop to
form a figure 8 (figure 2-14 B). Adjust the loop so the buckles cross in the center of
the figure 8.
e. Lie on your side facing the casualty with your head in the same direction as
the casualty's head. Support yourself on your elbow.
f. Slip your lower arm (the arm on which you are resting) through the top loop
of the figure 8 and bring the loop over your shoulder (shoulder nearest the ground).
g. Roll toward the casualty and turn onto your abdomen (90 degree turn).
The pistol belts are now across your chest and the loop is over the shoulder that is
away from the casualty (figure 2-14 C).
h. Crawl forward, dragging the casualty with you.

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