Quantcast Figure 5-20. Example of a MEDEVAC request. - Evacuation in the Field

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Foks-trot tree dell-tah ait wun, THIS IS keh-beck sev-en zoo-loo
nin-er fo-wer. I have a MEDEVAC request. OVER.
Keh-beck sev-en zoo-loo nin-er fo-wer, THIS IS foks-trot tree
dell-tah ait wun.
Send your request. OVER.
Foks-trot tree dell-tah ait wun, THIS IS keh-beck sev-en zoo-loo
nin-er fo-wer.
Line wun letters included,
golf hoh-tell wun tree tree fo-wer fo-wer wun too six
Line too,
foks-trot mike tree ait day-see-mal fife ze-ro.
keh-beck sev-en zoo-loo nin-er fo-wer.
Line tree
wun brah-voh BREAK wun dell-tah
Line fo-wer
Line fife
wun lee-mah BREAK wun al-fah
Line six
Line sev-en
Line ait
Keh-beck sev-en zoo-loo nin-er fo-wer, THIS IS Foks-trot tree
dell-tah ait wun. ROGER. OUT.
Figure 5-20. Example of a MEDEVAC request.

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