Quantcast Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, Medical Battalion (Table of Organization and Equipment 8-126) - Health Service Support in a Theater of Operations

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supervision of attached medical units. It is assigned to theater Army MEDCOM in the
COMMZ based on the general support requirements of the corps forces supported.
b. Organization. The organization of the headquarters, medical group, was
discussed in paragraph 5-11. The medical group headquarters in COMMZ is identical to
that employed in the corps.
c. Concept of Operations. Medical units are assigned or attached to the group
headquarters by the theater Army MEDCOM. The nature of the COMMZ requires that
medical groups be employed to perform dual mission responsibilities consisting of health
service support to forces in the combat zone as well as to COMMZ troops. Support to
the combat zone consists of relieving the combat zone of its patients and reinforcing
combat zone health service support. Generally, the medical groups located in proximity
to the combat zone will be charged with this responsibility and will furnish area support to
COMMZ troops within their respective zones of operations. Medical groups located
farther to the rear provide support on an area basis. This support consists of units
furnishing station-type hospitalization, short-haul patient evacuation, patient holding, and
other support. Medical groups may contain such medical attachments as dispensary,
preventive medicine, dental, and veterinary units. Units are readily reallocated between
groups by action of the MEDCOM to accomplish shifts in workload.
a. Mission and Assignment. The mission of the headquarters and
headquarters detachment, medical battalion, is to provide command, control, and
planning for a medical battalion (nondivisional) to include supply and organizational
maintenance support. It is assigned to theater Army MEDCOM based on one per three
to seven medical companies or equivalent units. The unit may operate directly under the
MEDCOM, but it is normally attached to a medical group.
b. Organization. The battalion headquarters and headquarters detachment is
organized as described in paragraph 5-12. The number and types of companies or
detachments attached will depend upon the mission, but any of the following may be
Medical ambulance company, TOE 8-127 (para 5-22).
Medical clearing company. TOE 8-128 (para 5-17).
Medical collecting company, TOE 8-129 (para 5-23).
Medical evacuation teams, TOE 8-660 (para 5-33).
c. Employment. The units of the nondivisional medical battalion have essentially
the same roles in the COMMZ as in the combat zone. They may be employed in either

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