Quantcast Bored-Hole Latrine - Introduction to Military Preventive Medicine

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(a) Highly volatile fuel such as gasoline or JP4 should not be used
because of its explosive nature.
(b) A mixture of one quart of gasoline to five quarts of diesel oil is
effective; nevertheless, it should be used with caution.
(c)  Personnel should be encouraged to urinate in a urine disposal
facility rather than in the burn-out latrine, as more fuel is required to burn-out one with
the liquid content.
(d) If contents are not rendered dry and odorless in one burning, they
should be burned again. The residual ash should be buried.
This type of latrine consists of a hole, about 18 inches in diameter and from 15 to
20 feet deep, covered by a one-hole latrine box (figure 6-9). The actual diameter is not
critical; it should be made as large as available augers permit.
Figure 6-9. Bored-hole latrine.
a. A covered metal drum may be sunk into the ground for use as a box. Both
ends of the drum are removed and a fly-proof seat cover with a self-closing lid is made
to fit the top of the drum. If a drum is not available, a fly-proof wooden box, 18 inches
high, may be constructed instead.

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