Quantcast Advantages of Standardization - Introduction to Medical Logistics Management

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numbers, a degree of duplication and confusion existed. Therefore, the need for a
"common language" was recognized as the goal for the DOD supply system.
a. After a series of studies, the Congress of the US passed a law granting
authority for the development of a Federal catalog program. This act, known as the
Defense Cataloging and Standardization Act of 1952, directed that Federal catalog data
would be used in all functions of supply from original purchase to final disposition. The
program provided for a "common language" system in the form of supply classifications,
item names, item descriptions, and item identifications to be used throughout the DOD.
b. The Defense Cataloging and Standardization Act of 1952 provided one key
word--standardization. The idea behind the Act was that if everyone in the military and
those associated with the military called a specific item by the same name, identified it
by the same stock number, used the same description, and classified the item in the
same manner, then everyone would speak a "common language." Consequently, when
we speak of a standard item of supply today, we are speaking of an item that has met
all the requirements of the DOD and the Defense Medical Standardization Board. It has
been adopted for use in the DOD supply system and hence will be found in the Federal
Supply Catalog as a "standard" item. All other items are considered as nonstandard.
Some of the advantages of standardization are:
a. Promote central procurement.
b. Encourage item standardization.
c. Improve specifications.
d. Reduce inspection and testing.
e. Provide better utilization of resources
f. Establish a single Government-wide language of item identification.
g. Permit employment of uniform financial accounting systems.
a. As for organization and responsibilities, the DOD has the mission and
responsibility for the development and maintenance of a single catalog system for the
military establishment. The DLA has been established as an activity under DOD on the
same level as the Secretary of the USAF, US Navy, and the US Army, and is

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