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(2)  Culicine mosquito larvae (those having air tubes) require special
preparation to mount on a slide. After kiIIing in hot water, the larva should be partially
severed between the 6th and 7th abdominal segments, using a sharp scalpel or
dissecting pins. The larva is carefully oriented dorsal side up (the head hairs should be
showing), with the head pointing down toward the mounter. The air tube is then
carefully laid out to the left, at a 45-degree angle to the body. Mounting medium is then
carefully applied. Anopheline larvae (those with no air tubes) do not require cutting, but
they should be oriented similar to Culicine larvae in all other respects. Correct mounting
position for Culicine larva is shown in figure 4-8.
Figure 3-8. Correct mounting position for a culicine mosquito larva.

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