Quantcast Figure 2-8. Sample DA Form 2765-1 (top portion). - Basic Supply Procedures

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Figure 2-8. Sample DA Form 2765-1 (top portion).
Blocks 4-6. Enter the NSN of the item requested, for example, 3110001931502.
Block 7. Enter the unit of issue, for example, EA.
(5)  Block 8. Enter the quantity requested. Use all five positions. Enter zeros
(0) to the left of the quantity, for example, 00002.
(6)  Blocks 9-10. Enter the unit DODAAC, for example, WK4ABL. For classified
COMSEC material, use the COMSEC account number. Refer to figure 2-9.
Figure 2-9. Sample DA Form 2765-1 (bottom portion).
Block 11. Enter the Julian date, for example, 2254.
Block 12. Enter the document serial number, for example, 1001.
(9)  Block 13. Enter the demand code. Use "R" for recurring or "N" for
nonrecurring. In the sample situation an "R" has been entered.

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