Quantcast Aseptic Handwashing Technique - Infection Control and Drugs in the Dental Clinic

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f. Use of a Mouthwash. Before dental treatment, the patient should be
encouraged to rinse with a suitable mouthwash to provide a short-term reduction of oral
All dental health care workers are required to utilize the following aseptic
technique before working on a patient.
a. General. The three-hand washing technique outlined below is recommended
before putting on gloves. The routine use of this technique avoids skin abrasion that
makes microbial entry possible when a DHCW is contaminated through defective
b. Steps of Procedures for Three Hand Washings.
Remove all rings.
Wet hands with cool to lukewarm water.
(3)  Dispense 3 to 5 ml of soap or antimicrobial surgical hand scrub
(4 percent chlorhexidine gluconate) into the right or left cupped hand.
(4)  Wash the right or left hand, carefully paying attention to the wrist, the
knuckles, and around the fingernails, for 15 seconds.
Repeat steps 1 through 4 for the other hand.
Rinse the hands with cold water, letting water run in the direction of the
Repeat steps 1 through 6 two more times.
Dry the hands with a disposable or sterile towel (one per hand).
Use the last towel to close the faucet before disposal.
c. Putting On Gloves. Glove according to the sterile gloving procedure.
d. When to Perform the Hand Washing.
(1)  Steps 1 through 9 of paragraph b should be performed by the dental
specialist and the dental officer at the beginning of each work day.
(2)  After each occurrence of removing gloves throughout the day, hands are
to be washed with a simplified 15 to 30 second hand wash with antimicrobial soap.

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