Quantcast General Rules for Applying Roller Bandages - Treating Fractures in the Field

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Some general rules for applying roller bandages are given below.
a. Expose the limb to be bandaged. The limb should be as dry and clean as
b. Position the body part to be bandaged in a normal resting position (position of
c. Check the circulation at a point below where the bandage will be applied.
d. Choose the appropriate sized roller bandage. Roller bandages range from
1/2 inch to 6 inches in width. The wider widths are used for the larger body parts. The
2-inch roller bandage is primarily used for the hand. The 3-inch roller bandage is used
for the forearm, lower leg, and foot. The 4-inch and 6-inch roller bandages are used for
the thigh and chest.
e. Pad bony areas and/or between skin surfaces (such as between fingers) that
will be covered by the roller bandage.
f. Apply the roller bandage. A roller bandage applied to a limb is normally
applied beginning with the most distal point to be wrapped. The roller bandage is
normally secured with an anchor wrap at the beginning and with a circular wrap at the
g. Tape, clip, or tie the end of the bandage in a position that is easy to reach.
h. Check the circulation below the wrapping. If the wrapping is interfering with
the casualty's circulation, loosen the roller bandage and apply it again.
i. Elevate the injured limb to help control swelling.
The following steps are used to apply an anchor wrap to a limb. The anchor
wrap is usually used to anchor (secure) the roller bandage when beginning other
a. Lay the end of the bandage on the bottom of the limb to be wrapped and at
an angle so one corner (apex) of the bandage will not be covered when the bandage is
brought around the limb (see figure 6-2 A).
b. Wrap the bandage completely around the limb twice and past the raised
corner (see figure 6-2 B).

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