Quantcast Disinfecting Water in a Canteen using Iodine Tablets - Communicable Diseases and Field Sanitation

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c. Four-Hundred-Gallon Trailer. For a 400-gallon trailer of water, a solution of
30 ampules or one heaping mess kit spoonful of bulk calcium hypochlorite should be
d. Other Containers. Water in larger containers is not easily chlorinated using
ampules. Bulk calcium hypochlorite should, therefore, be used. TM 5-700, Field Water
Supply, contains a table that gives the amounts of calcium hypochlorite necessary to
provide from 1-ppm to 200-ppm chlorine residual level in quantities of water from five
gallons to 50,000 gallons.
Occasionally, individuals or small groups may be required to operate away from
their units and be without a potable water supply. In such instances, the individual
soldier must be able to disinfect whatever water is available for his own use. The
standard item of issue for this purpose is the iodine water purification tablet. Iodine
tablets are issued in bottles of 50. Each individual is normally issued one bottle.
Procedures for disinfecting water in a one-quart canteen using iodine tablets are given
a. Check Tablets. Before iodine tablets are used, they should be checked
since they lose their disinfecting ability with time. Tablets that are not uniformly gray in
color, which are stuck together, or which are crumbled should not be used. Discard any
off-colored, stuck, or crumbled tablets and replace the cap on the bottle.
b. Fill Canteen. Fill the canteen with the cleanest, clearest water available.
c. Remove Tablets.
Remove two iodine tablets from the bottle.
Replace the cap on the bottle.
d. Replace Bottle. Make sure that the cap is tightly on the bottle. Then store
the bottle where it will not be exposed to sunlight. (Sunlight causes the iodine tablets to
deteriorate at a faster rate.)
e. Add Tablets. Add the iodine tablets to the water in the canteen and replace
the cap on the canteen.
f. Wait Five Minutes. Allow five minutes for the tablets in the canteen to
g. Shake. Shake the canteen to thoroughly mix the dissolved tablets with the

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