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A bored-hole latrine (figure 4-7) consists of a hole covered by a one-seat latrine
box. The hole is about 18 inches in diameter and from 15 to 20 feet deep. A converted
metal drum may be sunk into the ground for use as a box. Both ends of the drum are
removed and a fly-proof seat cover, with a self-closing lid, is made to fit the top of the
drum. This type of latrine is satisfactory for small units if the necessary mechanical
equipment for boring the hole is available. Bored-hole latrines should be constructed so
that there are four latrines per 100 males and six latrines per 100 females.
Figure 4-7. Bored-hole latrine.
A pail latrine may be built when conditions are such that a dug latrine cannot be
used (rocky soil, marsh, and so forth).
a. Constructing the Latrine. A standard type latrine box may be converted for
use as a pail latrine by placing hinged doors on the rear of the box, adding a floor to the

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