Quantcast Procedure for Applying Medical Asepsis - Sterile Procedures

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Hospital-acquired (nosocomial) infections and cross infections (infections that are
transmitted between individuals with different pathogens) show the need of applying
basic principles of medical asepsis. The following steps outline the basic procedures
used in applying medical asepsis.
a. Perform Patient Care Handwash. Follow previous instruction on patient
care handwash. The patient care handwash is the most important step in preventing
and controlling infection. There may be times when you do not have the materials or
the time to do a thorough handwash; however, always wash your hands and clean your
fingernails if time permits.
b. Disinfect Materials as Required. Disinfecting means cleaning objects to
remove most organisms. Follow directions explicitly where chemical agents are used.
c. Maintain Clean Patient Care Environment.
(1)  Concurrent cleaning. Disinfect and dispose of infectious matter
immediately during the course of a disease. This is a constant task.
(2)  Terminal cleaning. Disinfect contaminated materials after a patient dies,
transfers, or is discharged.
(a)  Use freshly prepared germicidal detergent solution to wash
furniture, mattress covers, grossly soiled areas of walls, and equipment not handled by
central supply.
Wet-vacuum or mop floors.
If an isolation room, read isolation technique sign for special
d. Use Clean and Dirty Utility Rooms. Clean and dirty articles are not stored
in the same place in order to prevent contamination. Clean rooms are used to store
clean, unused equipment. Dirty rooms are rooms used to store contaminated items
such as used linen, trash, contaminated equipment, dirty dietary trays, and basic
laboratory tests.
e. Store and Handle Linen Properly.
(1)  Clean linen. Store clean linen in a clean room marked for clean linen
only. Prevent the contamination of clean linen by:
(a) Limiting access to authorized personnel only.

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