Quantcast Assessment of Respiratory Excursion. - Respiratory Diseases and Disorders

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c. Assessment of Respiratory Excursion.
Posterior (figure 2-2).
(a) Place your thumbs about the level of and parallel to the 10th rib,
your hands grasping the lateral rib cage.
(b) As you position your hands, slide them medially in order to raise
loose skin folds between your thumbs and the patient's spine.
Feel for range of symmetry of respiratory movement.
Figure 2-2. Posterior palpation.
Anterior (figure 2-3).
(a) Place your thumbs along each costal margin with your hands along
the lateral rib cage.
(b) As you position your hands, slide them medially a bit to raise a
loose skin fold between the thumbs.
Ask the patient to inhale deeply.

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