Quantcast Figure 1-12. Location of taste buds. - The Sensory System

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a. Receptors and Taste Buds. The receptors for the sensation of taste are the
taste buds which are located primarily on the tongue but also on the soft palate, the
epiglottis, and the pharynx. The taste buds are oval-shaped and are made up of two
kinds of cells: supporting cells and gustatory cells. The supporting cells are composed
of a special kind of tissue that forms a capsule. Inside the capsule are four to twenty
gustatory cells. Gustatory hair projects out of each gustatory cell. This hair extends to
the external surface through an opening in the taste bud called the taste pore. This is
the opening for taste stimuli to make contact with gustatory cells.
Figure 1-12. Location of taste buds.
Figure 1-13. The structure of a taste bud.

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