Quantcast Internationally quarantinable diseases - Immunizations and Environmental Injuries

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History of previous attacks.
(4)  Dates and places of oversea tours (civilian and military) during
preceding period (ten years for infection with plasmodium malariae, two years for
infections with other plasmodia).
History of antimalarial prophylaxis, including the name of drugs taken.
(a) An information copy of the special telegraphic report will be mailed
to this address:
Malaria Branch
Division of Parasitic Diseases,
Center for Infectious Diseases
Centers for Disease Control
Atlanta, GA 30333
(b) For each case of malaria diagnosed in CONUS, a CDC Form 54.1
3/81 (Malaria Case Surveillance Report), which is available upon request from the
Centers for Disease Control (CDC) or State Health Department, will be submitted to
local or state health authorities. These authorities will forward the form to the CDC.
Currently, cholera, yellow fever, and plague are diseases for which a person
must be quarantined. Although the World Health Organization has declared the world
to be free of smallpox, if a case of this disease does occur, it is internationally

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