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c. Internal Organs. The viscera and various internal organs of a chicken are
shown in figure 1-3. These are removed before the chicken is prepared for marketing.
The giblets (heart, liver, and gizzard) are separated out for packaging.
Figure 1-3. Internal organs of chickens.
There are three common methods of killing chickens.
a. Electric Stun Killing. An electric shock is used to stun the chicken before
the throat is cut and the bleeding out process is started. (Care must be taken when
using this method because too great a charge for the stun will electrocute the bird and it
will not bleed freely.) This method is the most common method of slaughter.
b. Kosher-Kill. The chicken may or may not be stunned before this type of kill.
If it is, the shackled chicken passes through electrified fingers, which stun but cannot
electrocute. The shackled chicken next passes down a line where a sharp knife is used

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