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b. Small Structures Support Main Body Segments. Relatively small
vertebrae in the spinal column support the main body segments, small neck bones
support the head, and small bones in the feet support the pelvis. Your ligaments and
muscles must, therefore, be used property in order for these small structures to
correctly support the right relationship and balance among anatomical parts.
a. Your Contact With the Ground. The base of support, the part of the body in
contact with the ground (or other horizontal surface), may be represented by an
imaginary line. When standing, your feet provide the base of support. An imaginary
line drawn between your feet would represent your base of support.
b. The Base of Support. If you were lying on your back, with the entire length
of your body in contact with the bed, that imaginary line would now run the entire length
of your body. The base of support keeps you from toppling and provides stability for
lifting, pushing, or pulling.
Base of support is an imaginary line created by body parts that are in contact
with the ground or other horizontal surface.
c. The Broader the Base of Support, the Better. When lying down, for
example, your body is very stable because you have a broad base of support.
Conversely, it is harder to maintain your balance if your feet are close together because
your base of support is narrow. Remember, when moving or lifting a patient, spread
your feet slightly for improved stability. See figures 1-2, 1-3, and 1-4.
Figure 1-2. A stack of film cassettes has a broad base of support

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