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b. Family Member Prefix + SSN.
(1)  See figure 4-7 for the Berry family's family memeber prefixes. SFC
Deborah Berry's SSN is preceded by the two-digit family member prefix, 20. The prefix,
20, indicates that she is a sponsor or service member. Since her husband, SFC John
R. Berry, is also a service member, his SSN is preceded by the sponsor prefix, 20, as
well. The Berry children have the family member prefixes 01 and 02, respectively, to
indicate order of birth. (Note that nonmilitary dependents are identified by the SSN of
the service member/head of household.)
SFC Deborah H. Berry
SFC John R. Berry
Kevin M. Berry
Sara A. Berry
Figure 4-7. Family member prefixes (first two digits)of the Berry family.
(2)  Now, consider the family prefixes of the Jones family (figure 4-8). The
head of household is a sponsor (service member). His dependent spouse is not the
service. In this case, since Mrs. Jones is not in the service, she is considered a
dependent and is identified, like the children, by PFC Jones' SSN. The family prefix for
a dependent spouse is 30.
PFC Ronald R. Jones
Mrs. Alice K. Jones
Ronald R. Jones, Jr.
Amy T. Jones
Figure 4-8. Family member prefixes of the Jones family.
(3)  When an individual returns for additional X-rays, the patient's
radiographic folder, color coded and filed under the terminal digits of the sponsor's
SSN, is pulled from the files. In the case of SFC Deborah H. Berry, the X-ray
technologist would look for four orange zeroes as he thumbed through the radiographic
envelopes.) The radiographs in each envelope are stored in consecutive order, with
the most recent X-ray on top. That way, the first thing the radiologist will pull from the
folder is the most recent X-ray. The radiologist can then work back consecutively, if
need be.

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