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e. The fifth purpose of medical records is to provide documentation for hospital
accreditation. The Joint Commission for Accreditation of Hospital Organizations
(JCAHO) has established standards for patient care throughout medical treatment
facilities. Hospitals must provide evidence of the extent of its compliance with each
standard that is applicable to its operation. To be accredited, a medical treatment
facility must demonstrate it is in substantial compliance with the standards. Medical
records are used to show compliance in patient care. After surveying an MTF, the
JCAHO may make recommendations on upgrading medical records and/or procedures.
f. Medical records also provide data for medical research.
a. Health Record (HREC).
(1) Description. The health record is a permanent, continuous file. The
records kept in this file are prepared as the member receives medical and dental care.
(2) Forms. DA Forms 3444 or 8005 series can be used as file folders for
health records.
(3) Purposes unique to HRECs.
(a) HRECs help medical officers advise commanders on retaining and
using their personnel.
(b) HRECs help physical evaluation boards appraise the physical fitness
of Army members and their eligibility for benefits.
(c) HRECs accelerate mobilization of U.S. Army Reserve (USAR) and
Army National Guard (ARNG) personnel.
(4) Patient categories for whom the HREC is prepared. AR 40-66 identifies
those patient categories for whom the health record is prepared as:
(a) All active duty personnel (Army, Navy, Marine, and Air Force).
(b) Reserve components (USAR and ARNG) personnel.
(c) Cadets of United States Military Academies.
(d) Military prisoners while in confinement.

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