Quantcast Figure 1-20. DD Form 877 (Request for Medical/Dental Records or Information). - Outpatient Medical Records Branch

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Figure 1-20. DD Form 877 (Request for Medical/Dental Records or Information).

Medical News
Invention paves the way to better ovarian cancer diagnosis (w/ Video)
Overseen by her thesis supervisor and in collaboration with B.C....
Research says 'play value' gap exists between playgrounds in affluent and nonaffluent communities
The play value of parks, playgrounds and open play spaces...
Marriage can lead to dramatic reduction in heavy drinking in young adults
Research on alcohol-use disorders consistently shows problem drinking decreases as...
Designing a better clinical trial
A new study co-authored by a Department of Engineering researcher...
Researchers find tumor suppressor p53 controls signaling-mediated phagocytosis of apoptotic cells through DD1α
A team of researchers with affiliations to a number of...
Ebola vaccine shows 'promising' results: WHO
Preliminary results of tests on an Ebola vaccine to be...
Are adventurous eaters healthier?
When it comes to food, I'll try anything at least...
Possible path toward first anti-MERS drugs
If you haven't heard of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, thank...
Sugar antigen lost its resistance
Immunotherapy using monoclonal antibodies is a promising treatment strategy, and...
Exciting new drugs for Alzheimer's disease? Nah.
So, exciting new drugs for treating Alzheimer's disease, right?...
Correcting the myths about missing drug trials
Not all drug trials get published. This is a problem...
Texas uninsured remains predominantly Hispanic, middle-aged, undereducated and poor
Texas' uninsured population remains primarily Hispanic, middle-aged, with low incomes...
Exercise on dialysis: staying active to stay healthy
Deakin researchers have launched an Australian-first exercise program to help...
Free fitness iPhone apps fail to meet American College of Sports Medicine exercise guidelines
Are you planning on ramping up your exercise regimen this...
Brain's ability to dispose of key Alzheimer's protein drops dramatically with age
The greatest risk factor for Alzheimer's disease is advancing age....
High-resolution 3D images reveal the muscle mitochondrial power grid
A new study overturns longstanding scientific ideas regarding how energy...
How does this grab you? Grip strength may tell whether you have diabetes, high blood pressure
Whether you grasp it right away or not, your grip...
Juvenile arthritis: why genetic risk is not in the genes
Scientists have been finding that genetic risk for many diseases...
Young adults with autism show improved social function following UCLA skills program
Researchers at the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior...
Social Security's support for people with disabilities faces challenges, economist says
Stanford economist Mark Duggan suggests that the Social Security Disability...

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