Quantcast Figure 1-20. DD Form 877 (Request for Medical/Dental Records or Information). - Outpatient Medical Records Branch

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Figure 1-20. DD Form 877 (Request for Medical/Dental Records or Information).

Medical News
Startup commercializing innovation to reduce neurotoxin that damages nerve cells, triggers pain
A Purdue startup is commercializing a technology that could reduce...
HPV vaccine knowledge doesn't predict vaccination
(HealthDay)—Neither parents' nor adolescents' knowledge about human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines...
Poor body size judgement can lead to increased tolerance of obesity
Size is relative, especially to people who tend to be...
Prostate cancer patients who receive hypofractionated RT report consistent QoL
Prostate cancer patients who received hypofractionated (HPFX) radiation therapy (RT)...
Prostate cancer patients surveyed five years after vessel-sparing RT report preserved sexual function
A comparison of five-year sexual function outcomes, as reported by...
Select group of stage IV lung cancer patients achieve long-term survival after aggressive treatments
A large, international analysis of patients with stage IV non-small...
NSCLC patients who never smoked or who quit smoking have lower risk of developing secondary cancers
Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) survivors who never smoked or...
Many primary care patients will use personal health records
(HealthDay)—A substantial proportion of primary care patients will use online...
Lactation linked to reduced estrogen receptor-negative, triple-negative breast cancer risk
Women who have had children (parous women) appear to have...
Neuroimaging technique identifies concussion-related brain disease in living brain
An experimental positron emission tomography (PET) tracer is effective in...
Pattern of estrogen-progestin use from 1970 to 2010 described
(HealthDay)—The use of estrogen-progestin has varied over the past 40...
HbA1c more than 5.9 percent can ID diabetes in early pregnancy
(HealthDay)—An HbA1c threshold of ≥5.9 percent can identify all women...
Errata frequently seen in medical literature
(HealthDay)—Errata, including those that may materially change the interpretation of...
Online Program for Medical Educators Allows Digital Display of Earned Competency
CME-Accredited Course Advances Teaching Skills of Health Care Professionals Medical...
Trio of Young Faculty Earn Peter Paul Professorships
BU researchers study cancer, HIV, and an aging workforce Junior...
INR variability predicts warfarin adverse effects
(HealthDay)—Unstable anticoagulation predicts warfarin adverse effects regardless of time in...
Morning Break: U.S. Troops to Help Contain Ebola
(MedPage Today) -- Health news and commentary from around the...
Medical charity: Time running out to stop Ebola
International efforts to stop the accelerating spread of Ebola in...
Facing a post-antibiotic world
It's official. Humanity is racing towards a post-antibiotic era, a...
More cheese, please: News study shows dairy is good for your metabolic health
Dairy is considered part of a healthy diet and dietary...

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