Quantcast Figure 2-6. Main veins of the human body. - Pharmacology III

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Figure 2-6. Main veins of the human body.

Medical News
Waiting for uncertain news is easier for some people than for others
(Medical Xpress)—Waiting for uncertain news, such as the outcome of...
Weight stigma a daily experience for obese people
Overweight and obese people experience many more episodes of being...
Before you go... are you in denial about death?
For most of us, death conjures up strong feelings. We...
Why drying washing indoors can pose a health threat
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Anxiety hits women most about job loss in the family
Females are more anxious than men when someone in their...
Berberine compound may play role in treating obesity
(Medical Xpress)—Weight-gain warnings are especially uncomfortable during holiday seasons with...
Visual component of UK driving test needs modernising
Researchers from City University London have found that the visual...
Majority of women report sexual dysfunction after childbirth
Many women notice that their sexual health changes after childbirth,...
Appropriate reference amounts important for effective use of nutrition labelling information
A recent study by Professor Monique Raats of the University...
UK court to rule on landmark 'pregnancy crime' case
A British court is to rule on whether a woman...
Expanding waistlines weigh heavy on Malaysia
Malaysians have a passionate love affair with their lip-smacking cuisine—rich...
Global Ebola toll rises to 5,689: WHO
The World Health Organization said Thursday that the global death...
E-cigarettes contain 10 times amount carcinogens: Japan research
E-cigarettes contain 10 times the level of cancer-causing agents as...
Some people may be pre-wired to be bilingual
(HealthDay)—Some people's brains seem pre-wired to acquire a second language,...
Study reveals significantly increased risk of stillbirth in males
A large-scale study led by the University of Exeter has...
Leading medical experts call for an end to UK postcode lottery for liver disease treatment and detection
Leading medical experts today [Thursday 27 November] warn that rising...
New research supporting stroke rehabilitation
Using world-leading research methods, the team of Dr David Wright...
The artificial pancreas shown to improve the treatment of type 1 diabetes
The world's first clinical trial comparing three alternative treatments for...
Teens with a history of TBI are nearly four times more likely to have used crystal meth
Ontario students between Grades 9 and 12 who said they...

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