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FRAME 1-4.
Solution to
The parts in a subtraction problem are the minuend, subtrahend, and the
Frame 1-3.
remainder. The remainder is sometimes called the "difference."
978 minuend
+ addend
-243 subtrahend
735 remainder (or difference)
The answer in a subtraction problem is called the
The top number is the
The number subtracted from the top number is called the
FRAME 1-5.
Solution to
A multiplication problems consist of a multiplicand, a multiplier, and a
Frame 1-4
product. The multiplicand (top number) is the number to be multiplied.
The multiplier (second number) is the number doing the multiplying. The
remainder (or difference)
answer is called the product. The numbers being multiplied together (the
multiplicand and the multiplier) are sometimes referred to as "factors."
Label the parts of the following multiplication problem.
In this problem, the "45" and "4" can also be called
FRAME 1-6.
Solution to
Division is used to determine the number of times one number is
Frame 1-5
contained in another number. If you were to divide 18 by 6, you might
ask yourself, "How many groups of 6's are there in 18?" Your answer
would be 3. The answer is called the quotient. The number that is being
x multiplier
divided is called the dividend. The divisor is the number that is divided
into the dividend.
6 = 3 (18 divided by 6 equals 3),
In the problem 18
"6" is the
"18" is the
and "3" is the

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