Quantcast Rectal Tube - Nursing Care of the Surgical Patient

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Record procedure and report significant observations to the Charge
Rectal Tube. The procedures for using a rectal tube to administer
intestinal decompression therapy to a postoperative patient are as follow.
Wash hands and assemble all equipment.
Rectal tube with attached vented bag (22 to 24 Fr).
Water-soluble lubricant.
Chux R.
Exam gloves.
Wash cloth and towel.
Verify the physician's order.
Identify and approach the patient, explain what you are going to do,
and gain his cooperation.
Provide for patient's privacy.
Assist the patient to a left side-lying position with knees slightly
Place the Chux R under the patient's buttocks.
Cover the patient with a sheet.
Wash your hands.
Put on exam gloves.
Lubricate the tip of the rectal tube with water-soluble lubricant.
(11)  Separate the patient's buttocks and gently insert the tip of the tube 3
to 5 inches into the rectum. See Figure 4-6. DO NOT FORCE THE TUBE.

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