Quantcast Nursing Care of the Patient with Nasogastric Tube - Nursing Care Gastrointestinal and Urinary Systems

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(16) Dispose of equipment in accordance with local SOP.
(17) Record the procedure in the patient's Nursing Notes. Note the following
(a) Type and amount of lavage solution used.
Appearance, odor, color, and amount of gastric return.
Patient's tolerance to procedure.
Disposition of specimens.
a. Provide good oral hygiene at regular and frequent intervals. Offer water or
mouthwash to rinse the mouth every hour. Assist the patient to brush his teeth at least
every 4 hours.
b. Keep the nostrils free of accumulations of dried secretions.
c. If permissible, apply lubricant such as Vaseline to the lips and nostrils for the
patient's comfort. Patients may wear lipstick.
d. Encourage the patient to swallow saliva naturally; the tube is a constant
source of annoyance and the patient may have a tendency to expectorate excessively.
The physician may allow chewing gum or hard candy to help maintain mouth moisture
and to encourage normal swallowing of saliva. Only conscious, responsive, alert
patients should be given these items.
CAUTION: Remind the patient to remove gum or candy before mouth care and
e. Report complaints and signs of nose or throat irritation (excessive mucus,
sore throat, or hoarseness).
f. Encourage the patient to change position frequently, using care not to pull on
the tube and not to lie on the drainage tubing.
g. Follow diet orders exactly. If water or clear fluids are allowed by mouth, be
sure to check on amount to be given at one time. Know exactly whether or not the tube
is to be clamped when fluids are given and at what time interval in relation to oral intake.
For example, the order may be to clamp the drainage tube for 1 hour after intake to
allow some absorption.

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