Quantcast Collecting a Urine Specimen from an Indwelling Catheter - Nursing Care Gastrointestinal and Urinary Systems

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h. DO NOT separate connecting tube and catheter. Obtain a urine specimen
without disrupting the closed system. A needle and syringe is used to aspirate urine
from a special port on the collecting tubing.
i. Change the catheter as ordered or IAW local infection control policy. The
order may be to remove the catheter and then to replace it following several hours
interval to relieve pressure on the urethra. Remember:
Always deflate the balloon of a self-retaining catheter before removal.
(2)  Use aseptic techniques for any procedure involving the urethra and
bladder. Each catheterization is a potential source of injury and infection if not
performed properly.
a. Review the patient's clinical record to verify the physician's order and
determine the reason for collection of the urine specimen.
b. Assemble the necessary equipment.
Rubber band or screw clamp.
Sterile syringe.
Sterile 20-gauge needle.
Alcohol sponge.
Sterile specimen collection container.
Identification labels and laboratory request slips.
c. Wash your hands.
d. Approach and identify the patient.
e. Explain the procedure to the patient.
f. Provide for privacy.
g. Wash your hands.
h. Clamp the drainage tubing directly below the aspiration port with a rubber
band or clamp to ensure a sufficient amount of pooled urine for a specimen. Fifteen
minutes is generally sufficient.

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