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Figure 2-4. SF 601 (Health Record - Immunization Record) (continued).

Medical News
Marijuana use associated with lower death rates in patients with traumatic brain injuries
Surveying patients with traumatic brain injuries, a group of Los...
Link between past sexual violence and distress on pelvic exam
Women who have a history of violent sexual abuse may...
MRSA biofilms in joint fluid make infections tough to tackle
Physicians have long speculated at the hard-to-treat nature of joint...
Socioeconomic factors, fashion trends linked to increase in melanoma
A century's worth of cultural and historical forces have contributed...
HHS releases 13th Report on Carcinogens
Four substances have been added in the U.S. Department of...
New study finds link between depression and abnormal brain response to visceral pain in patients with IBS
High rates of anxiety and depression amongst patients with irritable...
Parent coaching early intervention program benefits young children with autism
A parent coaching intervention brings meaningful benefits for preschool-aged children...
Drug-food interactions in mountaineering
According to a recent paper published by the researchers Aritz...
The larger your friends the larger your appetite
Have you ever ordered more food at a restaurant than...
Stroke Rounds: Best Aortic Valve Type in Middle Age?
(MedPage Today) -- It's a tossup for mortality and stroke...
Boston University Receives ‘BEST’ Grant By NIH To Promote BioMedical Careers Beyond Academic Research
Boston University (BU) is one of seven institutions to receive...
ESICM: Transfusion threshold not major factor in sepsis outcomes
(HealthDay)—For patients in the intensive care unit (ICU) with septic...
Morning Break: 9-Pound Hairball, Bargain Surgery
(MedPage Today) -- Health news and commentary from around the...
Officials: About 80 being monitored for Ebola
About 80 people are now being monitored for symptoms of...
New type of clinic eyed to help stop Ebola
Britain and Sierra Leone are appealing for more help to...
Making old lungs look young again: Animal research suggests ibuprofen can reduce lung inflammation in elderly
New research shows that the lungs become more inflammatory with...
Dog's epigenome gives clues to human cancer
The bond between humans and dogs is strong and ancient....
Common painkillers combined with other drugs may cause high risk of GI bleeding
Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)—such as ibuprofen and aspirin—increase one's risk...
Energy drinks cause insomnia and nervousness in athletes
A study analysing the positive and negative effects of energy...
Texas orders family of Ebola patient to stay home
Health officials in Texas ordered four "close family members" of...

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