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Figure 6-5. DA Form 3910, Death Tag.

Medical News
Live trees, scented candles hijack the holidays for allergy sufferers
The many smells and tastes of the holidays that get...
Weighing risks and rewards, pregnant women in survey eat less fish
A survey of women who recently gave birth found that...
Five tips for enjoying the holiday party without a guilt trip
The countdown for the holidays is on and so is...
Holidays spark rise in emergency room visits, ER physician says
While it is true that suicide rates are actually lower...
Mobile phones monitor vaccine response
WA researchers used mobile phone text messages to implement a...
Vitamin D link to short-sightedness ruled out
New findings from the Children of the 90s study at...
Home cooks risk food poisoning from washing their Christmas bird
Washing the Christmas Day turkey is putting home cooks at...
Echolocation acts as substitute sense for blind people
Recent research carried out by scientists at Heriot-Watt University has...
New research suggests an existing drug, riluzole, may prevent foggy 'old age' brain
Forgetfulness, it turns out, is all in the head. Scientists...
Is it lonelier at the bottom or at the top? Psychologist links ambition to mental health
The indomitable human quest for power, influence and a foothold...
Link between immune system and brain disorders focus of new project
A group of UK scientists are teaming up with researchers...
China punishes hospital for operating room photos
Chinese health authorities put a hospital president on probation and...
Team finds new genetic anomalies in lung cancer
Developing effective treatments for lung cancer has been challenging, in...
Abandoned asbestos mines still a hazard in India
Asbestos waste spills in a gray gash down the flank...
Radiologist recommendations for chest CT have high clinical yield
A substantial percentage of patients who receive radiologist recommendations for...
IMF lending undermined healthcare provision in Ebola-stricken West Africa
Writing today in the journal Lancet Global Health, researchers from...
Seeing the doctor, overseas: Medical tourism booms in Asia
The lines snaking into Bangladesh's overwhelmed hospitals are often so...
Bone loss drugs may help prevent endometrial cancer
A new analysis suggests that women who use bisphosphonates—medications commonly...
Consumer purchases of cakes, cookies, pies have decreased by 24 percent
Ready-to-eat grain-based desserts (RTE GBDs) are pre-packaged consumer baked goods...
The Slippery Slope: Adverse Events and Runaway Diabetes Train
(MedPage Today) -- "Theres gotta be something better than approving...

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