Quantcast M1010 Truck Ambulance - Evacuation in the Field

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The M1010 ambulance (figure 4-4) is a diesel-powered vehicle with air
conditioning and an optional GPFU for NBC operations. The vehicle has a patient
assist boom and block and tackle to assist in loading and unloading litter casualties.
The M1010 truck ambulance is designed to carry four litter casualties or eight
ambulatory casualties or a mixed load of two litter casualties and four ambulatory
Figure 4-4. Truck, ambulance, 1 1/4-ton, 4x4, M1010.
a. Four-Litter Load. When four litter casualties are to be transported, load the
casualties in the following order.
Upper right berth (least seriously injured casualty).
Lower right berth.
Upper left berth.
Lower left berth (most seriously injured casualty).
b. Mixed Load. When a mixed load is to be transported, load the casualties in
the sequence given below. If only one litter casualty is loaded, the casualty is placed on
either the upper or lower right berth.
Upper right berth.
Lower right berth (more seriously injured litter casualty).
Ambulatory casualties seated on left side.
c. Ambulatory Load. When only ambulatory casualties are to be transported,
the casualties sit on the right and left sides.

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