Quantcast DA Form 2407, Maintenance Request and DA Form 2407-1, Maintenance Request-Continuation Sheet - Medical Maintenance and Supply Procedures

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d. Disposition.
(1)  Destroy the DD Form 314 after transferring header information to a new
form. Transfer the information from the following blocks.
Registration number.
(b) Administration number.
(d) Model.
(e) Assigned to.
(f)  Remarks. Note any NMC time for the current DA Form 2406
report, symbols and subsymbols, manufacturer's name and unit cost, and needed
maintenance data. Schedule, in pencil, any services needed.
(2)  The current DD Form 314 will go with the equipment when it is
transferred. The losing unit keeps a record of NMC time for the current DA Form 2406
report period up to the day the equipment is dropped from the property book. The
gaining unit starts a new DD Form 314 and reports equipment NMC time after the item
is added to its property book.
(3)  Destroy the DD Form 314 when the equipment is sent to salvage. The
losing unit keeps a record of NMC time for the current DA Form 2406 reporting period.
(4) The system DD Form 314 is used for one year. Transfer any NMC time
from the current DA Form 2406 reporting period to the new DD Form 314. Destroy the
old DD Form 314.
a. Purpose. The DA Form 2407 serves primarily as a means of requesting
maintenance support from higher-level maintenance activities. It is also a source of
information for all levels of maintenance management.
b. Use. Refer to figure 1-5. The DA Form 2407 is used by all levels of
maintenance management and activities requiring their services. They use the form to
accomplish the following.

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