Quantcast Document Register for Supply Actions, DA Form 2064 - Basic Supply Procedures

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c. When an SSA document control number is canceled for any reason, enter
CANCELED in the Remarks column of the Document Register for Supply Actions, DA
Form 2064 (refer to paragraph 2-3). Do not reuse canceled SSA document control
d. Unused SSA document control numbers at the end of a series do not require
The document register is a record of document numbers assigned to supply
documents. It serves as the suspense file for open supply transactions. Refer to
figure 2-2 for block and column descriptions and figure 2-3 to see the form in its entirety.
Figure 2-2. Sample DA Form 2064 (top portion).
a. There are three types of document registers; nonexpendable, durable, and
expendable. Refer to paragraph 2-5.
b. The property book officer (PBO) designates elements within a unit to request
expendable and durable supplies. Other elements are restricted from requesting durables.
c. The PBO makes sure document numbers are not duplicated.
d. You maintain document registers by calendar or fiscal year.
e. You record supply documents in the document register by following the
completion instructions by column or block for DA Form 2064.
(1)  Element keeping the register. Enter the name of the element and unit
keeping the register, for example, 416th MED BN.

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