Quantcast Tactical Combat Casualty Care and Wound Treatment

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Tactical Combat Casualty Care and Wound Treatment


Tactical Combat Casualty Care and Wound Treatment

Medical News
Sierra Leone faces Ebola setback; 500 under quarantine
Authorities in Sierra Leone are now monitoring more than 500...
Canada approves abortion pill, joining 60 other countries
Canada has approved the use of the abortion pill mifepristone...
Non-surgical approach helps people with paralysis voluntarily move their legs
In a study conducted at UCLA, five men who had...
LVEF improvement for many with primary prevention ICDs
(HealthDay)—Forty percent of patients with primary prevention implantable cardioverter-defibrillators (ICDs)...
Docs report patient safety often at risk in ER to inpatient handoff
(HealthDay)—Physicians report that patient safety is often at risk during...
New amfAR report highlights priority actions to help states achieve national HIV/AIDS strategy goals
Major achievements have been made in the domestic HIV/AIDS response...
A cheaper, high-performance prosthetic knee
In the last two decades, prosthetic limb technology has grown...
Higher risk for depression with psoriasis
(HealthDay)—There is an increased risk of depression among women with...
Study finds drinking may ease fibromyalgia pain, but doctors wary
(HealthDay)—Moderate to heavy drinking might cut the likelihood of disability...
In rare cases, infection may be at root of back pain
(HealthDay)—People with back pain that doesn't improve with treatment could...
Aspiring young doctors learn the ropes during Stanford summer program
Deep in the basement laboratory of Stanford’s Falk Cardiovascular Research...
US medical groups fighting prescription opioid abuse
(HealthDay)—Led by the American Medical Association (AMA), a group of...
Hippocampal insulin resistance linked to neuroplasticity
(HealthDay)—Hippocampal insulin resistance may be a key mediator of cognitive...
Chocolate consumption shows no impact on risk of A-fib
(HealthDay)—Among U.S. male physicians, chocolate consumption is not associated with...
Cranberry juice capsules cut UTI risk after gynecological surgery
(HealthDay)—Cranberry juice capsules reduce the rate of urinary tract infection...
Home-based device beneficial for obese patients with knee OA
(HealthDay)—For obese individuals, a novel, biomechanical, home-based gait-training device is...
Job stress might make you sick, study says
(HealthDay)—High levels of job stress may increase the risk of...
Liver plays role in pneumonia, sepsis susceptibility
New evidence highlights the importance of the liver in immunity...
Why female physicians are paid less than men
In a survey of hospital medical physicians across the United...

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